ERI Group

ERI Johor

The manufacturing facility is situated at Nusa Cemerlang Industrial Park, strategically located within 10km of both the Tuas Checkpoint to Singapore and the Tunjung Pelapas Port allowing us to support orders both locally and abroad, from Singapore and Batam to Northern Malasyia, even to Thailand and Vietnam.

  • 6000m2, 10 Tons/day
  • 2 Independent Systems
  • Oven

ERI Dongguan

Dongguan is the heart of ERI group. With its own in-house tooling department, Dongguan is able to provide fast and customized service. ERI Dongguan has been a leader in molded pulp for the last 20 years and is the reason that ERI is recognized as one of the best-molded pulp suppliers in Asia. We follow our clients. With Dongguan at the heart we have been able to set up factories all around the world from Thailand and Malaysia all the way to Mexico.

  • 30,000m2, 15 tons per day
  • 2 pulping systems
  • 3 km conveyor belt
  • Oven

Huizhou Green Pulp

LvDe is our premium brand. Here we provide high-end wet press and medical pulp products which require a dust-free environment. Lvde’s location proximity to Shenzhen gives us the ability to supply at low-cost all around the world.

  • 20,000m2, 22 tons per day
  • 3 independent pulping systems
  • 1km conveyor belt
  • Oven