Experience ERI

Trusted Partner. Outstanding Service. Quality Product.


ERI is a worldwide leader in developing and producing environmentally friendly Molded Pulp and associated packaging. Our mission is to provide our Clients/Partners with the BEST (FSC Certified) packaging products at Factory-Direct prices.

Trusted Design Team

A team of highly skilled and experienced designers will work to help you achieve and exceed your goals. From the initial concept to detailed design, prototyping, and even adjustments after mass production, our design team is here to serve you.

In-House Tooling

Product consistency and quality start with the mold. Our forming molds use ABS to ensure durability, and the mesh wiring is customized to your product’s needs. With our in-house CNC machines, we control the quality at each phase.

Any Volume. Any Product.

For those extra heavy, long, or tall products that no one wants to produce, give us a call. We have custom machinery to meet your every need. Our engineers can design and build hardware on an ad hoc basis.