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What is Molded Pulp

Molded pulp is a type of sustainable packaging that is better for the environment than plastic and styrofoam alternatives. On top of being biodegradable, molded pulp packaging is fully recyclable, except for products designed with one-time use in mind.


Simple but significant, molded pulp combines water and organic fibrous materials (i.e., corrugate boards, newspaper, bagasse, bamboo), which are then formed and heated into shapes that protect your product. No additives. Just paper and water.


Given ideal conditions and sufficient time, when disposed of, pulp products quickly disintegrate into themselves, eliminating choking hazards for wildlife and reducing the ecological footprint of your products throughout their lifecycles.

ISO Certifications

RoHS Certification


Recycling Thermal Energy

Waste heat from our oven and air compressor is recycled by pumping it into our wind tunnel to help dry products faster.